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Spanish 1 Fall semester:

  • How do people reach out to communicate with others?
  • How does education promote understanding of different cultures?
  • How do major cities tell their stories?
  • How do cultural values shape relationships in Hispanic countries?
  • How do key activities in a society reflect its values?
  • What does a house and its contents tell us about the people who live there?
  • How does geography affect the sports and leisure of a nation?
  • How do routines inside and outside the house reflect cultural values?
  • What can you learn about a country from the products and services it provides?
  • How do ancient civiizations live on in the present?
  • Review every dayReview every day

    Por favor, review class notes, go over instructional/educational videos or links or even computer-generated games to help with practicing the Target Language (T.L.)/Spanish.  The more you practice, the more you'll recall the terminology that you'll most likely hear in the classroom.  

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