Library Card Application Challenge (Free Test Help and Outside Resources)



Do you have a Selma Dallas County Public Library Card?  I challenge you to do the following:

1.Sign up for a Selma Dallas County Public Library Card to access free standardized test help 

   and outside resources. If you already have one, update your information!

2. Watch your scores improve and vocabulary expand! Resources are also available in 



**Always remember, if you want   '


you have to get an !!!!!!!!!!!!


How do you get a Selma Dallas County Public Library Card?


Go to the website for more information:

Call the library at (334) 874-1725.

Take advantage of the following:

Ebsco Learning Express

  • Free tutorials and practice tests are offered (college admissions test preps such as SAT, ACT, AP Tests and others).

  • Resources for skill building in homework are offered.

  • You can also join Ebsco Learning Express by registering online.

Additional Resources

  • eBooks-  Camellia Net members can access audiobooks and digital print books.  Camellia Net is Alabama’s Digital Library.

  • Also, research topics in the Selma Dallas County Public Library!!!