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Felicia Glover, Counselor

 2500 Tipton Street

 Selma, AL 36701

(Phone)   334-872-8080

(Fax)     334-872-8008 



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My name is Felicia Glover, I am the school guidance counselor at Tipton Durant Middle. I earned my Bachelor's degree from Concordia College Selma.  I received my master's degree in School Counseling and Special Education from The University of West Alabama. My duty as a School Counselor is to help guide and support our youth on their journey through life. 


Something to think about:

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." -Thomas Edison

"All your dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

"Wherever you go no matter what the weather always bring your own sunshine."-Anthony D'Angelo


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Helpful websites for Students and Parents:

Parenting information and resources national parenting center




Other Sites prevention resource center prevention and resource informationParenting information and resources national parenting center


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Tips for Studying Math

  1. When working on Math Homework, put a question mark by any question you struggle with completing. Go ahead and try to work it out…. This will show the teacher where you are struggling. Look at your notes (you took notes, right?) Are there any on line resources to help you? Does the teacher post the class notes?
  2. Attend morning tutorials when you don’t understand your homework. Ask questions! – Remember the ones you marked with a question mark when you completed your homework??
  3. When grading homework in class, pay attention when the teacher works out problems!!! He/She may actually work out a problem you missed!
  4. Re-work those problems later that day. If you still don’t understand, put a question mark by that problem.
  5. New Vocabulary/Formulas: Memorize new vocabulary and formulas- make note cards!
  6. When preparing for a quiz, rework all of the problems you missed on homework assignments.
  7. When preparing for a test follow the same strategies you used for preparing for a quiz! Complete any review given and rework any problems you missed. Rework any problems you missed on homework assignments, too!
  8. Sound like a lot when you have other homework? It might be! You may need to get creative… rework math problems on the weekend if you need to!!


 Math Test Taking Strategies:

  1. When you get the test, DUMP!! Write down formulas you memorized and any vocabulary you may need.
  2. Read the directions carefully. Highlight important things.
  3. Read each question carefully. Ask yourself what is it asking? Highlight what it is asking and important information.
  4. Show your work!!! On every problem!!! You may receive partial credit, or you can quickly find an error.
  5. Be neat! Work in columns. Use scratch paper if necessary. Do not “cram” it all in one little space.
  6. Eliminate any answers that are not possible. (Wrong measurement for example)
  7. Do not spend a long time on a problem you do not understand. Put a question mark by it and move on. If time allows, come back to it and try!
  8. When you finish the test, check your answers.

After the Test

What? I need to do something AFTER the test??

Yes! When you get your graded test back, you need to work your missed problems again! Even if it is not required. You will be tested on this again! If you score below an 80, go to tutoring. You will need to master the concept in order to understand future math concepts!!



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