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The Career Preparedness course focuses on three integrated areas of instruction–academic planning and career development, financial literacy, and technology. Course content ranges from college and career preparation to computer literacy skills to ways to manage personal finances and reduce personal risk. The area of technology is designed to be interwoven throughout course instruction. Mastery of the content standards provides a strong foundation for student acquisition of the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that enables them to achieve success in school, at work, and across the life span.

As part of preparing students to be college- and career-ready, this course also equips them with the skills needed for business and industry, continuing education, and lifelong learning. Acquisition of these skills is achieved by incorporating content and strategies that can easily allow students to meet the required 20- hour online experience as defined in the Alabama State Department of Education’s High School Distance Learning: Online/Technology Enhanced Course or Experience Guidance document. Career Preparedness is a one-credit course required for graduation that can be taught in Grades 9-12; however, it is recommended that students take the course in Grade 9.

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