Brantley's FAQ

Brantley’s FAQ 


What platforms or learning websites will my child use this school year? The Learning Management System is Google Classroom. The learning links will be Acellus, iReady, Google Meet or Zoom, StemScopes, Go Math (Think Central), and Pearson Realize (Reading). All assignments will be uploaded to Google Classroom. 


How often will my child’s teacher communicate with me? Your child’s teacher will be contacting you at least once a week to check on the student’s progress and well-being. 


What if my child is unable to log-in to his or her ChromeBook or has forgotten their g-mail username/password? Each student’s usernames and passwords will be taped to his or her ChromeBook. If a student is still unable to access his or her accounts; please contact your child’s teacher or Ms. Hagood ( 


What if my child does not have all his or her necessary textbooks and/or workbooks? Please contact your child’s teacher via email or phone immediately. Students will receive all textbooks and workbook pages needed for the 1st nine weeks of school. Other assignments will be uploaded from Acellus, iReady, and other learning links, if needed. 


What if my child is unable to upload assignments? Please contact your child’s teacher. All remote and traditional students will be uploading assignments to reduce paper contact. 


What are the requirements for remote learning? Your child must log-in by 8:00 a.m. each morning, no later than 8:30 a.m. Students must complete all required assignments, and take all assessments as if he or she were in the classroom setting. Students must wear headphones (school provided) and be located in a quiet space to learn. Please make sure students are dressed appropriately. The teacher will review digital etiquette. If students have any questions or concerns, they can ask by using the chat box or raising their hands. 


What supplies should a child have as a remote learner? A child should have the basic necessities such as paper, pencil, and other required materials. If your child is in 3rd-6th grade, he or she must have a 2 inch binder, dividers, paper, pencil, pens, highlighter, and liquid paper. 


How would remote learning look for my child? Remote learning will be either live stream or uploaded videos. Your child will receive breaks. The teacher’s schedule will be posted on Google Classroom with specific instructions. 


What if parents are concerned about privacy during Traditional/Remote learning? We will follow Dallas County School System Policy for the integration of traditional/remote learning. Remote learners will receive headphones so please allow your child to use the headphones daily. 


What if my child has an appointment and he or she is unable to log-in? Please inform your child’s teacher because absences will be recorded and monitored. You can email your child’s teacher. 


What if my child needs additional support with certain concepts? Tutorial services will be provided Fridays from 8 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Please schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher in advance for she will adhere to the CDC guidelines. If a student comes for tutorial services; he or she must wear a facial mask. Teachers will upload a Google survey to determine students’ needs. Please check your child’s Google Classroom tab under Student Handbook. 


How do I check my child’s grades and attendance? Please go to Go to Quick Links and click “Chalkable INOW”. Please input the username/password from the registration packet. If you have changed your child’s password; please use the updated password. If you do not have a username and password, please contact Mrs. Stallworth via email (  or phone. 


What if my child forgets his or her username and password for the various platforms or learning websites? Please refer to this form first. If usernames and passwords do not work; please contact Ms. Hagood ( or Ms. Hester ( 


What are the additional resources? The math manipulative bag has been created for students to use manipulatives during math. The manipulatives do not need to be returned.  The writing paper is for K-1st students to practice letter formation at home. 


What is digital etiquette or netiquette? Digital etiquette or netiquette is a basic set of rules pertaining to behavior that needs to be followed to ensure the internet is better for all users. We will be monitoring all internet usage. Teachers will review digital etiquette during the first seven days of school. 


What to expect the first seven days? During the first seven days, teachers and students will be getting accumulated to our new instructional methods. Teachers will be getting to know their students. Teachers will be discussing facts about the pandemic. Teachers will be discussing and reviewing the student handbook. Students will take quizzes and assessments to monitor their progress.  


What items should be returned? The ChromeBook, charger, and hardback textbooks must be returned at the designated time. 

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