Parental Engagement Plan



      Framework for Creating the Program Review Plan


  1. Describe the process used to engage stakeholders in the development of the institution’s parent engagement or student engagement/involvement plan. Include information on how stakeholders were selected and their roles and how meetings were scheduled to accommodate them.


Parent engagement in schools is a shared responsibility in which schools, other community agencies and organizations are committed to reaching out to engage parents in meaningful ways. Parents are committed to actively supporting their child’s learning and development. School staff demonstrates to parents how their child’s education can be enhanced by their involvement in school activities through parent trainings.

Parents are asked, at the beginning of the year, to participate in their child’s educational process. This process begins with a letter from the principal that is included in the school handbook and published on the school website to encourage volunteerism in ways such as:

A. Serve as a vital member of various committees,

B. Volunteer in the classrooms and/or at school sponsored events

C. Participate as an active member of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

D. Secure essential funding for school-sponsored events and activities

E. Raise funds to support the educational programming of the school

Annually, parents will be asked to complete a parent survey and based upon the results, a plan of action will be developed to address concerns. Results will be shared with all families via the school’s websites and during a parent sessions. A concerted effort will be made to reach all parents through sessions, flyers, newsletters, the use of School Messenger, the school webpage, or ICARE outreach forms.

Program Implementation Plan

In an effort to improve two way communication between home-to-school, Dallas County School System has surveyed stakeholders to identify the needs communicated by parents, students and teachers. As a result of the needs assessment, the following timeline has been developed to ensure monthly opportunities are afforded to all parents.