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Dallas County School's Central Office- 429 Lauderdale St., Selma, AL 36701. Phone 334-875-3440. Fax 334-876-4493.

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Mr. Don Willingham
Interim Superintendent Email Mr. Don Willingham
Mrs. Gwen Carrington
Reading Coordinator Email Mrs. Gwen Carrington
Mrs. Zella Ford
Professional Development Email Mrs. Zella  Ford
Mr. Terry Grissom
Technology Coordinator Email Mr. Terry Grissom
Ms. Dorothy Irvin
Parental Involvement Email Ms. Dorothy  Irvin
Mrs. Felicia Y King-Thomas
Instructional Specialist Email Mrs. Felicia King-Thomas
Mrs. Vickie Poe
Assistant Superintendent Email Mrs. Vickie  Poe
Ms. Patricia Redd
Continuous Improvement Email Ms. Patricia Redd
Mr. Allen Shelton
Transportation Email Mr. Allen  Shelton
Dr. Sharon D Streeter
Special Education Director Email Dr. Sharon Streeter