Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities: Title IV Part A of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
Our mission is creating safe schools, responding to crises, drug abuse and violence prevention, ensuring the health and well being of students and promoting development of good character and citizenship.

Title IV Part A of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

Safe and Drug-Free Schools in the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

Safe and drug-free school environments are essential elements for student success. So critical are they that one of the six ESEA performance goals that states are required to adopt is: All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug-free, and conducive to learning.

The reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act, also known as the "No Child Left Behind" act, includes the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities program as Title IV-Part A. The purpose of this part is to support programs that prevent violence in and around schools, prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, and are coordinated with other efforts in order to support student academic achievement. The last line of this purpose statement is critical. Numerous studies have shown that students who do not feel safe and students who are not free of the effects of drugs and alcohol cannot achieve their full academic potential. The Department of Public Instruction agrees that safe and drug-free environments are essential for optimal learning, and these funds are essential for supporting effective efforts to reduce barriers to student achievement and success. School districts are encouraged to use these funds to continue this important support for drug and violence prevention programs.

Safe and Drug Free Schools Resources 

Bullying - It's not Child's Play

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bullying prevention
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The ABCs of School Bullying: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Suggestions for preventing bullying and handling a bully.

This website provides bullying information, resources and prevention tips from the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services. It includes 12 cartoon webisodes for younger students and multiple resource materials for students of all ages, parents and educators.

The NEA HIN School Crisis Guide

A step-by-step resource created by educators for educators can make it easier for NEA leaders and school district administrators and principals to keep schools safe — so teachers can teach and children can learn.

Breaking Up Fights

Here are some basic techniques for school personnel who must break up fights and deal with students who are physically aggressive. From NEA Professional Library.

Preventing School Violence

The author provides links to resources that support the idea that if you reduce bullying, you reduce violence. From EducationWorld.

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

In October, one day is set aside to observe the Day of National Concern about Young People and Gun Violence. The Pledge, in Spanish and in English, encourages young people to take a proactive stance in reducing gun violence. The Web site includes curriculum suggestions and event planning materials.